EM Thermal damage Fitting

I am new pilot with Amarr. What fitting should I use against EM and Thermal damage? Thanks for any help!

I was going to troll with ‘it depends’ and other standard lines but I’ll help instead :wink:

To do what?

Thermal and em hardeners for armor, thermal and em invulns (I forgot the word) for shields

A couple of charts to have for reference.


I would like to fight the Sansha pirates. They do these kind of damage.

Thank you


what ships can you fly? I know amarr but what class

Fields (active), or amps (passive).

EM Ward Field, EM Ward Amplifier

CCP needs to fix the names though, they’re annoying and stupid.

EM ward field, thermal dissipation field, explosive deflection field, kinetic deflection field.

They could just call it something field, rather than something something field. Would make finding the modules easier when I’m typing lol. They do it for armor, so precedent is present. (edit: the forums killed my angle brackets lol)

Or, you can hit all 4 at once with an Adaptive Invulnerability Field.

And lastly, pretty much always have a damage control. The resists don’t have stacking penalties with most other resist mods.

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Ty, I never use those hehehe
I prefer my invulns for the omni


Citizen Davaham,

Welcome to the Empire.

As you know, Amarrian ships are normally armour fitted. Armour is quite effective against EM and Thermal damage, so it is often the Kinetic and Explosive holes you are looking to fill. Although, if attacking Blood Raiders then you are right to fit again at their Energy Weapon damage types.

There are several classes of Resistance increasing options. In order of effectiveness

Active Hardeners. These have to be turned on, they use capacitor and give a good increase to resistance.
Armour Rigs, an increase to a specific resistance that is melded into the hull.
Resistance Plating. Passive modules with much lower fitting requirements that add a modest increase to resistance.

Additionally, the Adaptive versions provide resistance improves across all damage types - but not as effectively as a specialist single type module.
The Reactive Hardener slowly shifts resistance profile based on the damage being received - but are quite capacitor hungry.
Damage Controls also improve armour resistance.


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are you running missions or killing belt rats? if so what level missions/sec level of systems

Thank you!

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I am an explorer and when I find combat sites in hisec I bookmark them and after I will change ship to combat frigate and go there to kill some rats if i can. To take their loot. This is my plan as a beginner. When I will have the skills I thing I will go. What is your opinion about it…

It’s a good plan. But alot of frigates will struggle with scanable sites especially with new player skills. I think your best bet at running them with high success is to get a destroyer or cruiser for those

I will keep it in my mind, thanks!

No problem. Be sure to tank specifically against the damage types. Also speed is very important in a destroyer

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The damage types that I expect, are EM and thermal. Do you have any fitting suggestions for these kind of damage?

Pve newbie fit with 2 specific hardeners for the rats you will face. This should be nice and cheap to experiment with