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I just recently starting playing eve again. I had to have a GM reset my email because I couldn’t log into my old one. Now when I try to Log into Singularity it keeps sending me the confirmation email to my old email I no longer have access too. I need it to send the email to my new email address. I don’t want to have to wait till the next mirror. Can anyone help?

(Major Errogance) #2

Indicate your problem in a support ticket. Players can’t change where to send the mails:

(Memphis Baas) #3

We can’t do anything about the details of your account, including email etc. Pretty much you have to create a support ticket; the tech support people don’t read the forums and can’t do anything without a ticket.

(Wander Prian) #4

In this case: Singularity database is only updated when CCP needs it to be. Your account there is still using the old email until a new snapshot is taken and applied. You just have to wait until CCP updates the DB.
As far as I know, CCP doesn’t update accounts on SiSi on demand. They only do it during mirrors.

(SerialKillah) #5

Yeah that’s what I was afraid of. I put in a support ticket and they said they couldn’t help with the test server. Thought I’d try hear and see if CCP updated accounts at all for Singularity. thanks anyway.

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