Unable to Login to Singularity - Changed Email Accounts

Hello - I changed my email accounts on Tranq, and had to reset and @eveSupport recommended I reach out here as I can no longer access Singularity, any assistance in being able to regain access to Singularity is appreciated. I’m assuming on Singularity my account names have my old email whereas Tranq has the new ones. Thank you.

Sisi is currently in VIP mode so only CCP has access at the moment. Hoping that CCP mirrors it before giving us access considering February was last mirror.

You are correct though, any changes made to TQ, you’ll have to use old email/password on SiSi until its mirrored.

Before you ask, CCP has no timeframe of when we get access back

Thank you. Understood. Have to wait for the mirror. Old password/email not viable due to verification email.

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