Emergence. | 0 Blues All the kills | The Morgue


We Want you!

Like explosions? In love with EvE?
0 sov / 0 blues / 0 ties / all the freedom!
Can’t or won’t, commit to CTA’s, sov defense or structure bash fleets?
Do you find life exists outside of internet spaceships?
Then you are good with us!
We are a laid back pvp corporation without mandatory fleets or activities.
We operate as a group of people that love EvE and focus on having fun first while blowing up spaceships. Explosions don’t create themselves (usually)!

We have no requirements other than to have fun.
Anyone can join up. From newbie to bittervet.
A newbie is just some years away from being a bittervet anyway …

We base from Pochven - Easy access to Jita!

Emergence. – An EvE-Online PvP corporation (wordpress.com)

• PvP pilots * EU / early US TZ
• Gotta love explosions
• Focused on enjoying the game
• Future memelords * Alpha & Omega

PACKAGE DEALS (All inclusive):

  • We are part of The Morgue. alliance
  • A tight-knit group of helpful people
  • Small/medium gang pvp
  • Blops/roams/camps
  • Real life comes first
  • Alliance public fleets (NPSI)
  • 0 Blues / 0 wars / no sov

Interested? Join our discord :
Or join our ingame channel :
Shadow Tavern

Ingame Contacts: Lord Surtr / Tanya Frost / Agakii

Come join us in Pochven, great region for pvp!

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