Endless Defiance US/AUS TZ [C5-C5 WH PVP/Member of WHSOC] looking for defiers


(Charrette) #1

We are Endless Defiance [HELN0], a C5 wormhole corp formed around the idea that anyone can achieve great things in Eve if they are willing to try; if they are willing to commit themselves to our culture of never backing down from a challenge. And you will be challenged.

What we are looking for:
We are primarily looking for cultural fit. Skills can be trained, coolness under pressure can be learned, but we can’t teach personality or disposition. Newbros might have difficulty functioning in C5 space, but we remain committed to the idea that grit and determination matter more than SP.

What we provide:
Content. We fight in wh space. We fight in null and low sec. We evict carebears and go after all entities who damage pvp content in wormhole space. The more pilots we get committed to our philosophy, the more content we get.

Despite our pvp-first mindset, we understand you need isk. We run weekly PvE ops to help our members fund their PvP activities. We have corp buybacks for nearly all production materials. We also have complete cap and tech 3 production lines if you’d like to unleash your inner carebear in service of our pvp goals.

We are not the richest or the biggest wormhole corp, but that doesn’t matter if you’re willing to say HELN0 to the odds and fight anyway.

Fly with purpose! Come fly with us.

Proud member of the alliance Wormhole Society.
“Within these digital walls, rest the humble beginnings of an idea to better everyone’s EVE content, so sayeth the Lords at the round table.” **WHSOC, jump to be known.**

Services we currently use:

  • Pathfinder (privately hosted)
  • Discord
  • TS (for ops)

Contact myself or Miles Raynor in game and on discord, or join our pub channel - HELN0_PUB today!

Aussie old vet & new blood looking for AUTZ PvE corp
70m SP Vet Returning LFC
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We’re still looking for pilots. Come fly with us!

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Still open for recruiting.

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We’re still looking for pilots eager to make a mark on J Space. We’re rapidly growing!

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Still looking for people who want to make a difference and be part of something new in wormhole space.

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Still looking for pilots who want to achieve great things.

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Still recruiting

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Looking for content? You’ve come to the right place.

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Still looking for pilots who crave that pvp rush.

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Recruiting is open.

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Recruiting is open.

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Recruiting is open.

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Recruiting is open.

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Recruiting is open.

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Recruiting is open.

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Recruiting is open.

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Recruiting is open.

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Recruiting is open.

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Recruiting is open.

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Recruiting is open.