Endless Defiance - C5-5 Vanilla PvP Corp - Recruiting Now!

Endless Defiance [HELN0] is a PvP oriented corporation who primarily stage out of a Vanilla C5 wormhole with a C5 static. While we may not be as big as some of the other fish in high-class space, that doesn’t stop us from taking fights as they come. We’re looking to make our stamp on wormhole space, and we won’t back down before it’s done. We’re primarily active in late USTZ through AUTZ, but we do have some active members around the clock.

Recruits don’t need to be the best pilots around, all you need is the willingness to learn and to be ready to undock for fights whenever they’re available. While we do have a minimum SP requirement (10m SP) it’s primarily so we can ensure new members will be able to function in wormhole space. We also ask that you have at least some PvP experience.

If that sounds interesting to you, join our Discord or hop in our in-game public channel: HELN0_Pub - and check out our killboard (not that it’s anything to brag about)

What we offer:

  • Wormhole PvP against anyone and everyone.

  • High-class income opportunities - we can even help you take your own farmhole!

  • Evictions - full deployments to enemy holes in the hope of large explosions.

  • Experienced members willing to help newer players improve and grow.

  • Lowsec/nullsec roams, often with fully-funded ships.

What you need:

  • A positive attitude and the motivation to help find content.

  • 10m SP or more, allocated towards combat skills, and an Omega clone to enable those skills. (Not a hard limit if your skills are allocated well)

  • The ability to train into our doctrine ships (T3Cs, Command Ships, Battleships)

  • Passable scanning skills and the ability to use covert ops cloaks.

  • Preferably some prior PvP experience, no wormhole history required.

  • A working microphone that doesn’t murder ears and a headset for comms.

  • Discord and Teamspeak for ops.

Our services:

  • Pathfinder for wormhole mapping

  • Discord for day-to-day communications with corp and alliance

Take a step into the deep end and immerse yourself in high-class space - join Endless Defiance today!

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Am am extremely interested. I just came back to EvE after about a year and a half off. Joined a Corp right away. They are good guys but I want wormhole life and experience- are you still recruiting? And if so will you hit me up in game?

Looks like you found us in Discord. For anyone else interested, hit us up!

I don’t think anything’s changed since yesterday…

Friendly reminder that we are looking for attitude and aptitude over pure SP.

Still recruiting! Come see what high-class space is all about.

Still alive, still recruiting!

Recruitment is in full gear once again after our most recent deployment.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still Recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.