Old Schooler looking for WH PvP Corp

I’m an old school PvPer, taken many years off eve and thinking of coming back. Full disclosure, I’m a person with a home and family ie. lots of real life which comes first…and a little time for eve but I love wormholes and love PvP. I am a former WH dweller (look at my corp history) and loved it; looking to possibly play some eve again in a WH or easy-to-find-PvP FW corp. I can’t spend hours online scanning and finding content like I used to, but I may be a high SP guy you can call upon if content is found.

Looking to see whats available for a guy like me.


Take a look at my corp and have a chat with the diplo/recruitment guys. We may well be exactly what you are looking for.

Corra o/

Hey Rasta, my corp Endless Defiance lives in a C5-C5. To be honest, I’m not sure if your activity level would entirely work for us, but I’d love to talk to you about it. You see, irregularly we deploy to other holes for days at a time for evictions and counter evictions. But we also fully understand real life comes first and always appreciate members who are willing to occasionally log in for a few hours of critical hole control, or help us gank a dread in our chain (where we live most of the time) or whatever glorious small gang mess we may find ourselves. If that interests you check us out: Endless Defiance - C5-5 Vanilla PvP Corp - Recruiting Now!.

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