LF High Class Wormhole PVP Corp


I am looking for a high class WH PVP corp. I would like lots of content, rage rolling, evictions, fleets, small gang, ect. I would like a small amount of time for PVE just in case I need it, but RN I am trying to get individual income sources figured out.

I have 33mil SP, and I have all T3C trained, and I can fly a large range of T2 ships. I can also fly dreadnoughts. I work well with both armor and shield. I am not new to PVP, and I know the basics, but I have lots to learn and I have the correct attitude for it. It terms of play time I can play about 5-8 hours a week.

I have a sabre alt, that also handles logistics, and Im trying to train another freighter capable character.

Please feel free to send me a mail or post in here.


Hey Zander,

What timezone are you on?

Early US

Still looking for corp.

Hi @zander_exvirus , if you are willing to consider C4 life, I recommend you check out EPSYN for WH PvP!

The dual statics of our C4 ensure constant content with an open chain. You can find full details on our forum post below and feel free to mail me with any questions.

[ C4 WH PvP ] - Epicentre Syndicate is recruiting!


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