👽 EndlessRain is a corp with VERY FEW BLUES and wants you for some shenanigans [EU/US] -Broken Chains Alliance-


EndlessRain is a community based, real life first corporation with ambitions that are looking for more friendly people to have fun with!
With roots in industry EndlessRain have the last year transformed into a diversified corporation catering for most activities in New Eden, from mining and industry, to PVE and PVP.

EndlessRain consists of both new and veteran players and have a solid officers corps at its core.
After our move from Branch we now live in Molden Heath and together with our brothers and sisters in Broken Chains Alliance we want to build a name for ourselves.

What we can offer you:

  • No Drama
  • A good community that wants you to succeed
  • Lots of PVP opportunities flying frigs to capital as we have very few blues and even fewer rules
  • Low sec ores, R64 moon, gas, good PI…and Veldspar!
  • No space to defend in endless CTA’s

We are looking for players that:

  • Are easy going
  • Wants to contribute to corp and community
  • Have an interest in learning new things
  • Enjoys to shoot ships in Eve
  • Values fun over killboard stats

Why waste time fighting someone elses wars, when you can do what you want with us :slight_smile:

Since we have hardly any blues, some of us frequently join Spectre Fleet for some fun too

Come have a chat with us in our Discord to see if we are the right fit for you :slight_smile:

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this is all true

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Are you new, or vet? Doen’t really matter. Both can have valuable roles in fleet. Your attitude matters more


Low sec has great ore too!
Both Dark Ochre and Crokite and also Jaspet can be found in Molden Heath.


Room for more :slight_smile:

Come for mining and industry. Come for pewpew. Come for community! o7

Bump :blush:

Come help Jarka remove trash aka bubbles and MTU’s from space :upside_down_face:

Trash has been removed, but it keeps cropping up :thinking:


Timezones? A mix of EU and US

We have room for more :blush:



Join for PVP, PVE, Industry.
Stay for the community.