Energy Neutralizers & Nosferatu change

Apologies if this is repeating something already said but I do not see it in search.

TLDR: Heavy Neuts should not suck so good sometimes

Neutralizers & Nosferatu

  • This type of module should have a diminishing return based on either tracking, or perhaps better, signature size & speed (similar to missiles).
  • Small Neutralizers & Nosferatu have good performance against small ship hulls such as Frigates
  • Diminishing return on Mediums
  • Further diminishing return from Heavy Neuts & Nos
  • Faction variants have better application
  • Deadspace variants have better range (they already do)
  • Officer variants have combination plus plus

This would not be done to make Heavy & Medium Neutralizers ineffective on small hulls but, should be implemented to temper the powerful knockout blow they currently deal.

Could perhaps use the method of a smashing hit, penetrating, hit, glance and miss.
TP’s or webs will assist.
Range and falloff might need a revisit.

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So you want to remove an effective tool larger ships have against smaller ships… in a meta where even CCP have said small ships > big ships (with regards to subcaps)

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But why?

I like the idea and i believe capital neuts already do it by sig res. But battleships need all the help they can get at the moment.

So; not yet.


Neut by sig res is kinda cool, would have to still be reasonable thou such as knocking out a frigs cap in 3 hits instead of 1 shotting like now or something.

Bigger ship’s have drones, which can effectively kill off smaller ships already, a rattlesnakes geko a large drone can 1 shot a frigate.

yeah, then the same for FAXes repping small stuff?

No, go away and try better to not to suck.

Yeah no.

Ever heard of defanging or perhaps Interceptors or maybe the Succubus? Besides the Gecko is a heavy drone and that frigate needs to be tackled to take that much damage.

I’m sorry, but no ! What you are proposing doesn’t make any sense and I’m just too tired at this hour to throw a wall of text in explaining you why . If you think long about it you’ll realize it yourself or someone will explain it to you . Neuts and NOS are fine in their current state and there are counters out there for these in the form of cap batteries , cap injectors (if you know what size to inject and when depending on the situation) .

Good luck holding down a bs while stopping it from mjd’ing without trying to get scram get neuted and all of a sudden be scram webbed with a gheko on your ass.

Let me let you in on a secret. You can visually see when a MJD is spooling up. All you need to do is keep a scram on that BS for the 10ish seconds during spool and then it won’t go off at the end of the spool. Guess what lasts 13 seconds. A T2 ADCU. A frigate shouldn’t be able to to solo a battleship. That Assault Frigate just needs to keep the battleship from MJDing away, after that the battleship has a couple minute cool down before trying again. You may lose that light tackle, but you stop the battleship from escaping. Also an OH T2 scram on an Inty or a Garmur can easily scram out past the OH scram/web of a battleship (ignoring Bhaal/Barg). It just requires paying attention.

I disagree. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it should be easy for a frig to solo a battleship. But, given enough time, a skilled pilot with a properly fitted frig should be able to take out an unskilled pilot with a crap fit. I don’t think the game should be balanced such that terrible play gets a pass, just because their ship costs a lot more than the other guy’s.

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I guess I might need to clarify my position on that: A properly fitted and flown BS shouldn’t lose to a solo frigate. I do agree with you that a poorly fit BS should die to a well flown and fitted frigate.

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Stating the obv 3 seconds is all you need to kill a frig I often bait a tackle frig in with a mjd.

Cool, Ram Jags are still a thing and they often have ADCUs fit. If you’re on the ball in an Assault Frigate then you can buy yourself 10 seconds with your ADCU and you can hold tackle throughout the spool. And then the BS’s MJD is on cooldown.

For sure, but ADC’s also require a good amount of cap if the jag is a good pilot and can get close enough to nos then yea.

Clearly frigates can still tackle BSs and stop them from MJDing even in they have heavy neuts, so I don’t see why we need to change nosferatus or neuts.

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