Blood Raider Bonus Idea

With all the new changes to the Cap batteries and the new T3 statistic Cruiser neutraliser resistance bonus makes some ships with the dual cap batteries fit very very hard to cap out , plus now with the sub system that give the T3 Cruiser a neutraliser resistance they are now harder to cap out them Op fit they have.

So the bonus I’m referring to is the nosferatu and neutralizes will not be affected by the cap battery or the T3 Cruiser neutralizes resistance bonus for only the Blood Raiders Ship when using the nosferatu or neutralizes on him.

So if any other ship in the game is using the nosferatu or the neutralizes on the Cap batteries all the T3 Cruiser neutralizing resistance subsystem, the bonuses will apply and hard to cap out without numbers, but if they’re using a blood Raider ships the neutralizer resistance is zero.

Let’s make the Blood Raider ships the true King of Cap Warfare.

Do you like my idea?

Does anyone like this idea or have any other suggestion to this idea of mine?

There’s a reason that neut resistance is a thing. I mean ignoring part of the effect could be good.

Considering that Blood Raider Ships already change the mechanic how NOS works, I wouldn’t mind that they can also work around the neut resistance, giving them a real advantage when it comes to neuting compared over other ships. Could also make the Bhaalgorn more worth to field in fleet battles

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