Buff Blood Raider Ships

Not asking to buff damage or tank, but the bonus to Nos and Neuts power.

What I’m asking to make it unique ship line that is NOT be affected by Cap batteries resistance to Nos and Neuts effect on the ship when its fitted.

This will also apply to T3 sub system bonus to resistance.

So in the end the blood raider ship line will be the only class that the Cap batteries or T3 Sub system will not effect its Nosferatu and Neutralizer power.

Love to hear back if you guys like this idea.

The blood raider ships are already unique because they can NOS other ships without caring about the capacitor amount. They are all powerfull ships already. I do not think they require a buff.


Why not suggest to nerf the source of the problem - Large cap battery?
Like: It should require way more fitting (like double PG)

what about

amarr ship bonus (per level)
10% reduction in neutralizer and nos pwr requirement


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