Blood raider sub caps

could they get a corpse bay as well? it wouldn’t hurt anything and it would be cool both for RP reasons (not me personally but other people) and in-game to have a place to store corpses in. (would also make for some amazing killamils)

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Me thinks those bays should come in 3 different sizes for the cruor, ashimmu and bhaalgorn.

Cool idea!

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well yeah, i was thinking of something like 100m3, 250m3, and 500m3 respectively. nothing huge and its be fun to have

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CCP already implemented this. The Caedes and Rabisu, both subcaps, already have corpse bays, and the Virtuoso and Victor, also subcaps, have drug bays. There are already options for what you are requesting, so you should use those instead

Special edition ships don’t really count.


so you’re telling me, that these hard to acquire ships, not to mention the costs of these ships making them even harder to get… I should use as alternatives rather than simply requesting for the blood raider sub caps that are FAR cheaper to use and more convenient than these special editions ships. dont even give me that crap. im only asking for a simple feature addition to the blood raiders given there lore.

And why should you have access to these “cheaper” versions? AT ships are expensive for a reason, and these special bays may or may not be part of it.

yes but the whole blood raiders ‘thing’ is human sacrifices and blood. would make sense to just have a corpse bay for all of them. and its not like itll make any other ship feel less “special”, its just a fun little addition for the blood raiders.

Don’t be a killjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Since corpses have no intrinsic value or use beyond “epeen,” this is a feature that affects nothing beyond “flavor” nor confers any special advantage.

Unless of course there is a feature I don’t know about that gives corpses an actual value and use. :thinking:

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