Blood Raider Gimmick Module Corpse Cap Booster

The Corpse Powered Cap Booster in all sizes.
Loaded with the Corpses from the Corpse Bay from the Blood Raider Ships it functions like a normal Small/Medium/Large/Capital Cap Booster.
On (Re-)Loading it consumes X amount of corpses and in an advanced chemical reaction it allows for an instantaneous Energy Load upon activation.

“Lasts as long as you do”

So it’s a cap booster not a battery?

I don’t feel like giving any serious thought to a propose from a person that don’t even understand basic modules.

lol yeah, edited, I was writing it on the side while watching a stream, thanks man but now you know and can give proper feedback and not judging me pls, thanks

Well, I’m not sure it would benefit Eve, but it’s definitely a cool idea for a science fiction story.

Ship’s power core is damaged… but it has a back up bio reactor. They start by feeding it rations, cardboard, clothes made from wool or cotton, but run out. They try their hair next, but they know that won’t last long, and that they soon will be having to make more substantial sacrifices. It’s okay they tell themselves -doctors will grow them new limbs as soon as the get back planetside. In spite of knowing full well what modern medicine is capable of, many male crew… make less pragmatic choices when it comes to what body parts they feed to the reactor.

Eventually, it becomes clear that not even limbs are going to be enough. They begin to argue over who should live, and who should get fed to the reactor. Some think it should be determined by who has families, others by who is a good person, and who is not. Others still think it’s the old that should go first. After all they have already lived full lives, and don’t have that many years left any way. An old man who has been quietly sitting in the corner finally bellows out, “enough! Those who can still work, raise your hand.”

Soon, quadruple amputees with only one dangling appendage begin being fed into the reactor by one armed men that made more pragmatic choices.

Funny how so many men meet their downfall thanks to their dingle dangle.

Can I call my power core the volcano god?

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