Faction capitals-specific mods

I was chatting to a CCP dev at EDU 2019, and mentioned the idea of faction titan-specific doomsdays - in particular, a corpse-powered DD specific for use on the Molok, which already has a corpse bay after all. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hose down enemy capitals with a death-ray powered by the finely minced bodies of your defeated foes? It is a ridiculous idea, but stay with me.

Allow the molok to fit a direct Doomsday (say, the Exsanguinator, with a blood red beam, and a slightly liquid/splattery graphics effect) that starts from a base 1.1 million damage (10% damage increase on the Judgement), but firing it uses 100 corpses from the corpse hold (for example). You could extend these faction-specific mods to other faction caps as well.
The Chemosh could use a blood raider’s siege mod, with improved armour repair bonuses. The only catch being it uses 25 corpses per cycle to get the increased performance.
The Dagon could have a blood raider remote armour repper that uses corpses to improve performance.

In a similar vein, the Komodo could have a doomsday that consumes fighters from its existing fighter hangar to increase damage, refitting them to kamikaze into the target, borrowing True Sacrifice concept from the Shadow (different faction, I know)

In theory, every faction cap could have a thematic faction-specific mod that would provide enhanced performance, and consume an appropriate “fuel”. At worst, you will have FC’s telling entire fleets to self-destruct their pods on the undock so some lucky soul can harvest all the meat popsicles for the alliance leadership’s molok, while at best you will have frigates burning around a major battlefield scavenging corpses to keep the DD firing!

It will also give more reason to see some of the faction caps on the field (where they can be popped :slight_smile:), and create a new niche industry for corpse harvesters.

Plus, it will be funny


That’s absolutely disgusting.

Eh? I guess you havent been around for this thread/treat: https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=119995

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