Enslave. NullSec pvp, EU/early US timezone


We are a light-hearted group of players who enjoy all aspects of the game.
Do you want a place to learn, chill and hang around with a group that sees eve as just a game and doesn’t act like the end of the world if mistakes are made?

If that’s the case maybe you should come have a chat with us.

we offer:

  1. Alliance fleets.
  2. Corp fleets… we run 3-4 small scale gangs a week in order to keep our community close.
  3. We are part of Legacy Coalition however we live on the edge of the blue… if you rather solo pvp you can be out in a populated neutral system in 4 jumps.
  4. Veterans in all walks of eve… if you want to learn to fc, become a indi tycoon or just want advice we can help you along.
  5. The alliance offers a ship replacement program for alliance and coalition fleets

What we require:

  1. Willingness to join comms: discord for corp and mumble for alliance.
  2. A microphone.
  3. 7.5 million skill points exceptions can be made.
  4. and most of all you have to be willing to play the game and have fun with us!

If you feel like giving us a try… come chat with us using the in game channel “Enslave Public”

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