•◘ Epitome.◘• Recruiting - Fresh FW PvP Corporation

Epitome. is a new corporation created by a nullsec veteran. It’s goal is to recruit and train pilots interested in PvP. Currently a part of the Caldari Militia in Faction Warfare.

Looking For…

  • Pilots interested in PvP
  • Pilots interested in FW and Sov
  • USTZ Focus

Opportunities in Leadership available
(Currently looking for people who would like to get in on ground floor and assist shaping the corporation in both US and EU TimeZones.)

Join us in our public channel - Perfect Pub
Join us on our Discord server - https://discord.gg/8jhrxVb
Newbro friendly but Omega required

Full API Required
Discord / Mic required

(If you have industry alts, we have opportunities in nullsec for them)

Daily Bump - Looking for others who want to get in on ground floor of a new corporation. Yes, requires you to actually put in work. :slight_smile:

Daily Bump - Best place to reach me is Discord if you’re interested in joining - Discord link in original post

Finally the weekend! Can actually be in game for more than a couple of hours. Swing by, let’s chat.