Erebus for Sale - SOLD

(Marlenus Ar) #1

Price: 61B

Has T2 Trimarks and Fuel. It’s located in Max Singularity’s Freeport Keepstar in Basgerin. Usual 3rd parties or direct contract are acceptable.

(Marlenus Ar) #2

Still available. Price reduced to sell.

(Jethro Kerensky) #3

PM me, will buy

(Dexster916) #4

Contract to me Dexster916

I’ll take it.

(Marlenus Ar) #5

Tried to convo Jethro in game, I guess you went off line before I saw this. Contracted to Dexster916 for 1 day. If contract expires It’ll be up for grabs again.

(Dexster916) #6

sounds good, will accept it in the next few minutes.

(Marlenus Ar) #7

Sold. Thank you.

Paid 91 billion for it when that was considered a “bro price”. My loss is your gain.

Also: Death to all Rorquals.

(Dexster916) #8

:frowning: GL to you mate. sorry to hear you lost so much on it

(system) #9

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