Erebus for Sale - SOLD

Price: 61B

Has T2 Trimarks and Fuel. It’s located in Max Singularity’s Freeport Keepstar in Basgerin. Usual 3rd parties or direct contract are acceptable.

Still available. Price reduced to sell.

PM me, will buy

Contract to me Dexster916

I’ll take it.

Tried to convo Jethro in game, I guess you went off line before I saw this. Contracted to Dexster916 for 1 day. If contract expires It’ll be up for grabs again.

sounds good, will accept it in the next few minutes.

Sold. Thank you.

Paid 91 billion for it when that was considered a “bro price”. My loss is your gain.

Also: Death to all Rorquals.

:frowning: GL to you mate. sorry to hear you lost so much on it

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