ESI corp wallet journal API error

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Hello guys,

I am having an issue while calling the API for the master wallet division of one of my corporations.

I used to be able to get data from my requests up until yesterday. Now i get “error”: “Unhandled internal error encountered!” errors from the calls i make.

I did not modify anything in my script.
The API call for the master wallet does not work either in my script or in the ESI page.
I can access all other wallet division, no problem or the master wallet division of my other corporation i have.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


(Golden Gnu) #2

Step 1: Make sure you can reproduce it in the swagger page:
if you can reproduce on the page above go to step 2, otherwise ask for help with your code.

Step 2: Report it on GitHub
Be sure to follow the bug template and include the corporation id (or name) and division, so, they can reproduce it.

(Steve Ronuken) #3

adding a time when the bug occurred (eve time) is also a good idea. It can help narrow down when to look in the logs.

(Ale Ken) #4

Thanks guys, since i can reproduce it on the Swagger page too, i have created a bug report on github.

(Golden Gnu) #5

They do fix bugs pretty fast, most of the time.
If you’re not on slack already, you should come join the rest of the 3rd party devs in #esi:

(Ale Ken) #6

i am already there, though i can see only the announcement channel. @ Ale , you an find me there.

(Golden Gnu) #7

In the sidebar: Click on “Channels”, that should open the channel search.
The dev channels are #esi (for everything ESI, all ESI questions go here) and #devfleet (Just all us 3rd party devs hanging out, good place to ask XML/CREST/code help)

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