Esi docs webpage not working?


the webpage for the esi swagger documentation currently doesn’t render the spec at the moment, only displays the background and top nav buttons but not the main swagger esi content,

I tried on two pcs and across different browers, anyone else confirm this ?

additionally is the a alternative location for the esi spec docs ??


(Golden Gnu) #2

It works for me now (I know it’s not much help, sorry).

You can use:

(Steve Ronuken) #3



using the F12 dev tools I see this message

Could not locate webpack:///swagger-ui-standalone-preset.js specified in source map

java isn’t my thing tbh, but seems like there is a problem with the esi website ?

however I got the info I need from Golden Gnu so thanks for that.

(Golden Gnu) #5

If you keep having issues it may be worth making an issue on GitHub:

I will suggest trying to access the site with all browsers extensions and plugins disabled first, though.
You can google how to run your browser in safe-mode, if you don’t know already.

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