ESI issues

At least two WH programs, Pathfinder and Tripwire, plus apparently other market websites that all draw their data from ESI, are having problems connecting to Tranquility - Pathfinder for example is showing the server as offline. I myself cannot log into Pathfinder as after completing the ESI authorization, Pathfinder cannot get my profile. This seems to be a new issue affecting a number of different applications, so it would appear that the issue is likely to be at CCP’s end, rather than the third parties (as Pathfinder was working fine until just an hour ago).

I am experiencing this same issue, but it is only affecting 2 of my 3 pathfinder servers. It also is not affecting the production pathfinder at

was able to resolve by changing environment.ini to the new esi host


the cname from was apparently disabled today

Wow, you’d think this would be posted in a few more places… Thank you Calaphas !
That worked for me.

It was. In slack, tweet, dev blog, reddit :shrug:

If you’re a developer id keep an eye on the developer dev blog.

How do I make changes to pyswagger?

I assume you mean how do you change pyswagger to use the new URL. pyswagger normally creates a client with a call like this:

app = App._create_('')

in which case you replace with (or whatever spec version you want).

If you’re using an application which uses pyswagger, then you need to figure out where the swagger spec URL is configured. Better applications won’t hardcode the URL into the create call, they set it in a config file.

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