ESI Historical market statistics route results meaning

Hello all,

I would like to use the /markets/{region_id}/history/ route, but I’m quite unsure about the results it provides.

The volume field returned means :
the volume of proposed items at the measuring time
not the volume sold

To me there is a big difference, because I’m looking for the volume sold, not the proposed volume.

Anybody have a clue about it (or know where to fetch information) ?

Best regards.

It’s the number of unit sold that day. The history endpoint is what you would see looking at the table history view of a given type in game. Where volume maps to in game quantity.

Ok. Thank you for your reply.

So the orders columns mean all orders issued that day (sell or buy) ?

No, the orders are the number of orders that were filled. It is different than the volume as a single order can have multiple items in it.

The orders is basically the number of transactions that day, and the volume/quantity is the number of items that changed hands in all of those transactions.

Ok thank you.

Is there any place where CPP store the official information/help ?

Because I find lot of contradictory informations over the web.

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