Price History screen question

On the Regional Price History screen, the blue bar chart shows “Orders” and “Quantity”.

What do those fields mean?

Is it number of orders created that day? Executed (traded) that day?
Is it the # or orders? The number of items the orders represent? The number of items traded for the number of orders shown that day?


It’s how many units were bought and sold per that day. You can see this on sold-to-buy-order heavy items with few orders. Like corvettes.

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I’d also say what you’re focusing on makes sense as a “trader” but no sense on EVE.

Each market is more like an auction so the info you’re given is useless.

In fact your role is more like a bidder on the trading floor than an actual equity trader.

You’re trying to complete your orders as efficiently as possible where as in today’s world traders expect their orders to be executed at the actual intended prices and lot numbers.

But in reality those orders still have to be executed on the trading floor.

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Orders are transactions. Quantity is number of units, I believe.

If 2 people decide to buy 10 widgets each the chart will indicate a total Quantity of 20 units sold, spread across 2 buy orders filled. More orders means it’s more likely that there are many different people in the area interested in buying that item and it sells frequently, though it may or may not move many units at a time, while a lot number of orders means few buyers and the item probably sells more infrequently, though it may or may not sell a lot of units at once whenever it actually does sell.

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In the end the history page is virtually useless except to know what the volume is.

Price is meaningless and so is everything else.

You can’t predict prices from it, or risk…all you can know is can you fulfill your lot size in a reasonable time.

I’m just answering the question the OP asked that hadn’t been answered directly.

‘Orders’ are transactions to the best of my knowledge. Another way to put it would be to say that one order is the sum of one entry on a buyer’s market history tab, and one entry on a seller’s market history tab.

Sometimes people are just asking questions out of pure curiosity. Even if the OP isn’t, people in the future may see this topic and be wondering for purely academic reasons what these labels represent and I want to make sure they get the answers they’re looking for if their search leads them here.

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