Esi market aggregator

Hello there.

I like to work with esi for everything related to market data but the only endpoint that provide aggregation is the history endpoints where we have to call item one by one. Not a big deal, but when you want something up to date, or for few items, you have to do a large amount of call to just display 100 items that match the requirement of your filter for example.

I’m looking to make an API able to deliver aggregate data about markets endpoints orders (for it’s refresh rate) for now.
But I have a question that stay in my mind and prevent me to do it. I know, that there is no rate limit, but as a developer I also know that might not be a good idea to hit an api too often.

If we take the orders for The forge, its something like 300 pages I have to call. I can do it easely with asynchronous call, but it’s means I’ll hit the server something like 300 times for just 1 region.

As it’s aggregation, I don’t really need to update every 5 mins, but as it will be a public API, I still need to have something close to reality.

So my question is: go or no go ?

I’m hitting the entire market, once every 30 minutes.

It’s not a big deal, the ESI endpoints handle this pretty well. I happen to be hitting the entire market once every five minutes. I wish they would increase the page size as Forge is getting massive now.

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