ESI response limit?

Hi chaps, I have an issue with a cron job that may be down to ESI just ignoring me. Basically it just stops dead on an ESI request.

I need to check 800 characters public info in fairly quick succession and need to be able to support more.

I have the following code but am not sure if it is how ESI will react on me firing too many requests at it. You can see on line 19 is my attempt to catch any warning etc.

What is ther best way?

ESI does not have any rate limiting, only cache timers. The one thing to pay attention to is the error header. You are allowed 100 errors per minute, if you exceed that you get cut off for a bit.

See this for reference:

Thanks, I’ve just started on cURL, you don’t know how you’d read the header do you?

Also I’d highly suggest before getting too deep into phc cURL to just use guzzlehttp client library.

A bit easier to work with, comes with built in exceptions for handling of errors of expired tokens, esi down, etc

Cheers I will look into it but atm I’m just learning cURL a bit. I was already using that link but it appears as soon as I add CURLOPT_HEADER, the response goes blank?

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