ESI Send Mail API Rate Limit


I’ve developed site/tool for my corp to submit SRP requests and for the leadership to decide about them. Once decisions are made, leadership can pay in a lump sum to corp members /main character / month. This puts less strain on the leadership.

Once the SRPs are paid, I send a notification to each main about the decisions. One eve mail per main, about all the outstanding SRP requests and the decisions about them.

I send the mails using this API: EVE Swagger Interface

I send the mails in a for loop without waiting, like a noob, so i get rate limited. I looked around a bit but didn’t find the actual rate limit, nor some guidance on how to implement backoff properly, based on what headers, etc.

Does someone know what are the actual limits for this endpoint? Thanks!

5 mails per minute

Source: Missing documentation of rate limit for sending mails · Issue #504 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub

The following link explain how to interpret the number value in the 520 error: Bug: Corporation Contract Items Error 420 (now 520) · Issue #636 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub (It’s from another endpoint, but, they should work the same, as they’re both monolith errors)

Appreciated :slight_smile: <3