ESI sample data?


I want to test queries to the /corporations/{corporation_id}/structures/ endpoint. My problem is that it requires a token from a character with the Station_Manager role and none of my chars has this role on TQ. I first though I would query the SiSi datasource (where I can easily set up a char with that role), but it was removed one year ago.

So, is there any way to get sample (test) data for any endpoint?

I just need the JSON structure of the response (and for now, only that specific endpoint). I know the Swagger has a rather good description of the outgoing JSON, but sometime there are some specific details that are missing. Eg, I had a hard time finding out what the $date-time type was (a POSIX timestamp?, an RFC 7231 date string? turned out it is an ISO 8601 string).


Your best bet is looking at the Example Data tab under the 200 response sections. Which yields:

    "corporation_id": 667531913,
    "profile_id": 11237,
    "reinforce_hour": 22,
    "reinforce_weekday": 2,
    "state": "shield_vulnerable",
    "structure_id": 1021975535893,
    "system_id": 30004763,
    "type_id": 35833

Then of course, as you pointed out, using the Model tab to get a more complete list of each property that could be returned. date-time are represented as like "2016-10-25T14:46:00Z" which i always took to be RFC 3339.

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Thank you very much! How could I miss that “Example Data” tab, just next to the model?

It’s a bit limited, but that’s a start. Thanks again.

Also you’re probably right about RFC 3339. I didn’t remember about that one. But since it defines a subset of ISO 8601 (a profile), as stated in section 5.6, I guess I was right too :slight_smile:


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