ESI Singularity has still missing scopes

Hi there,

I still have problems testing application on the Singularity datasource because many of the scopes are missing and generate this error:

{“error”:“invalid_scope”,“error_description”:“The requested scopes either don’t exist, or are not valid for this client”}

when included on the authorization scope list. It will be helpful if the scopes missing should trigger the ESI entry point availability to red color so we developers do not test their availability every day by trial/error testing.

I need production replicated data to test all possible market and job states and I should resort to do in on Tranquility spending valuable resources on testing activities.

I have reported something like this 6d ago but just like to know a point in time when I should retry Singularity ESI authorization.

Kind regards.

I assume you get this error when trying to use the with SISI? If so i can bring it up again in #esi channel on slack.

this should be resolved now, thanks.

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