Established EUTZ NullSec Oraganisation Seeking all to join - Alphas and New Bros welcome :)

It feels like yesterday that me and my buddy started this corp as a drunken joke back in the low sec system of seylin some 11 odd years ago . But we are still going strong and have now reopened our doors for a few more guys/girls

Over the years our corp has built outposts , held control of 0.0 and shot **** up all across New Eden from the north to the south . we used to run daily/nightly ops by ourselves and with our alliance friends ( who have lived in the region for over 8 years) . currently Our corp is based in the South West part of EvE in 0.0 and our current corp goal is to grow into a PVP / PVE powerhouse . We would be very interested in Expanding our ranks to you if you like blowing up space pixels or just want to be apart of a decent online community.

What we do

Our chilled corp , does a bit of everything , exploration , complexs from 6/10 to the hard but lucrative 10/10’s all with 0% tax , we also do alot of none forced PvP where we go out and we blow stuff up every night in the north , whether it be with our alliance fleets or drunken roams with real crappy corp FC’s - mainly we use small stuff like ceptars and bombers to mess around with but we also dust off the capitals once in a while ( no point having them otherwise right ) to smash bigger targets up,

Having fun is the aim of the game - so whether you wanna make isk or pvp with a bunch of good people come and give us a try

What we require from you

NO sp minimum
The ability to use voice coms ( TS3 ) ( mumble)
Being able to support yourself is a bonus but we do supply ships for corp ops ( corp insured )
To be respectful of others as we also have a few ladies
Active Kill board history or at least a keen willingness to learn
Try to train towards -Capital - Bomber - Inty - Battleship pilots/barge

What we can offer you

Very Chilled and friendly corp
0.0 space with the BEST Plexs
Ship Replacement scheme for pvp losses
Target rich environment
Ship Replacement Program
Extremely Profitable 0.0 and LOW TRUESEC
Be apart of a very efficient Alliance
A feeling of belonging somewhere
An abundance of DeD plexs to probe out and explore
Safe areas to PVE
Corp Capital fleet which is handed out free to members for ops
Moon Mining Fleets for Members

If you would like more information please contact me or anyone inside the owned public channel

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