Established international High Sec corp with Null access

We live in high sec, where we are war immune and specialise in industry, although we also have active PVP roams in partnership with alliance corps and have unrestricted access to their facilities and fleets in NPC Null, and some of our members also engage in exploration and other PVE content extensively.

We are a mature, international group
Our membership is currently approximately 50% UK/EU, 40% US and 10% other timezones, although we are glad to welcome members of any nationality, gender, sexuality or religion who wish to join us in a mature and tolerant international corporation

We have great support systems
Our out of game systems and comms to allow us to keep in touch across varying timezones and play schedules. This includes an online store where members can order items to be built and delivered to them without the need to run shopping trips back to Jita and where we will buy resources including PI from our members

We are happy to train new players and have a variety of experience levels within the corporation
We have new pilot training plans available and are keen to help new pilots learn and develop their skills

We are real life friendly
We run corporate operations on a strictly optional basis, and encourage these to be member-led rather than centrally directed

If you wish to apply, please do so at

We are still open for recruitment

As the URL says, join us!

With some interruptions during summer holidays, our recruitment team is still working. When they’re not lazing around sunning themselves and drinking cocktails that is

Apparently some of you haven’t heard of us yet. I’m here today to remedy that!

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