Bootstrap Mining High Sec/Low Sec

Our corporation is currently growing and will suit the needs of members with any amount of time.

  • Homes in High Sec and NPC Null Sec
  • High Sec corp is wardec immune
  • Null Sec corp to move into if/when you wish
  • No minimum hours requirement
  • Mining and industrial nullsec operations daily (optional)
  • Regular PVP fleets and roams (optional)
  • Buyback scheme to purchase ore, minerals, ice, PI products, salvage and gas from members
  • Online store to purchase all items corp can produce at low prices
  • Access to dozens of alliance stations
  • Regular Jump Freight service from High Sec to our Null Sec home
  • Support and advice for new and returning pilots

We always remember that Eve is something our members choose to spend their leisure time on and we are Real Life friendly

  • Our employee charter explicitly supports the need for members to go AFK or drop off at short notice when Real Life requires
  • We also recognise that for a number of reasons some members are not able to participate in voice comms

Our membership is currently approximately 50% UK/EU, 40% US and 10% other timezones, although we are glad to welcome members of any nationality, gender, sexuality or religion who wish to join us in a mature and tolerant international corporation that is supported with great out of game systems and comms to allow us to keep in touch across varying time-zones and play schedules
We have a Discord service and web forums in order to keep members from all time-zones, and schedules in touch and make sure that no-one is left waiting around for information

We are happy to train new players and have a variety of experience levels within the corporation

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new people to eve welcome

we are in Null and high sec