Industrial/Miner looking for High Sec corp

Hello and good day all,

38M plus sp player looking for a High Sec none station corp. I am a miner and I can run mining OPS with perfect Orca boosts. My industrial skills and industrial game play is strong enough to supply a local market with most tech I items needed for mining or mission running.

What I am looking for

  1. Active corp members, 25+ minimum not including alts
  2. Early day US TZ active players
  3. Close to level 4 missions, if not in the same system
  4. No end goal to own a station or go to low/ null sec
  5. English speaking corp

What I need

  1. A secure place to reprocess at 70% or higher with my skills
  2. A secure place to build and do research

Edit; The corporation must not be War Eligible

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Greetings, we starting anew, but as for your needs we have the perfect place for you, also orca boosts. Mail me if you interested

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You should consider joining Malevelon Roe Industries! They are a Highsec Industry/PVE Corp that’s based in Gallente space. They have moons to mine and are very active, with 97 members. They can run level 4 missions from within their home system, and they own citadels but out of corp, so wardecs can’t affect them. They are also English speaking.

As a sister corp if the Federation Uprising alliance, they also have access to Lowsec and Nullsec infrastructure, but make no mistake, this is just options for you, and most of MALRO stays within Highsec.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s their Discord:

Hello! Drop by Geo-Tech Recruitment in game. We have a 56% base rate refinery which is about 75% with my skills, daily moons for new belts, a low tax production station that we control, and a specialized station for moon material reactions (as well as regular reprocessing)

There are level 4 agents 2 jumps from us and plenty more within 7. We are very active early US TZ/middle late EU TZ. Everyone speaks English, though not always as a first language. We have 68 members currently.

Hope to see you!

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