Highsec Industry Corp looking for players

(Scrind Kouvo) #1

In The Morning
New corporation building from the ground up in High Security Space
Need: Miners, Leaders, Boosters

Want to help build something and take responsibility for it? Perfect opportunity here.

Looking for
) Alphas or Omega’s
) Miners
) Boosters
) Leadership

There is a position for everyone

Story -> I joined a highsec corporation months ago that had goals of moving to nullsec. A short time after setting the goal we were able to move in with a large alliance out in Branch. After some re-arranging we moved to Drone-lands nullsec, a nice quiet place to mine and rat. Some of our members stopped logging in as much (starting new families, and summer activities)

I moved to highsec in an effort to recruit more players. I am looking to build an industry corporation that operates in highsec and can maintain itself while providing anyone who wants the opportunity the ability to move in to nullsec, where it is much easier to make isk.

That means by joining In The Morning you have the ability to mine in high security space and then go on nullsec roams with our sister corp when you want. There are no pvp requirements to stay in high security space, but you can learn all you need. You will be expected to fly smart if you join either corporation, but we will give you all the information you need to be successful.

That means we need all kinds of people. If you would like to have responsibility we need leadership in our highsec corp. If you want to pvp we have plenty of space for you to roam. If you want to mine or rat in nullsec it is open to you.

contact Scrind Kouvo in game, send an email if I am offline and I will get back with you. Include in your email which corporation you are interested in learning more about.

(Scrind Kouvo) #2

Since first post we are slowly growing. Boosting is now live. There are plenty of buy orders to fill in system. We are still looking for more miners, boosters, leaders.

(Lee Adaama) #3

Do you have anyone(s) from time zone GMT +5 (Pakistan, South Asia) or nearby?

(Kaotik) #4

Can you pm me details? I’m a soon to be returning player looking for options. Thanks.