Highsec Industry corp Looking for Miners/Boosters/Leaders

In The Morning is looking for players of all types to join our ranks and have some fun. We are a very small corporation at the moment but are growing quickly. If you are interested in helping to shape a new corporation this could be the perfect opportunity for you.

So far we have boosts available and live in a system with all industry services available. We do not own any structures at the moment and do not plan to anchor any.

Our tax rate is 0% We are not after your money. We are here to provide fun content and provide you with the ability to make money. As we grow our mining operations will become impressive and fun, with games and competitions while mining.

Purely for fun we will host low-sec / nullsec roams, wormhole diving events, and possibly missioning groups. We have some experienced pilots that are willing to pass on knowledge to those interested.

Alpha friendly
No playtime Requirements
No taxes

Send an Eve-mail to Scrind Kouvo and I will get back with you shortly

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