High Sec Mining & Industry Corp - Recruiting Now

HIVE Industries Inc is a relatively new industry corp, only established in February of this year. We’re focused on High Sec Mining, but our members do regularly branch into other areas - production, trading, missions, exploration, and so on.

Despite our young age, we have an experienced team of Eve veterans running the corp, and our member base is a mix of everyone from 15 year old vets to brand new alpha’s so regardless of your level of experience, you will be in good company.

All players are welcome, Alpha, Omega, New, Old, Returning, the person is more important than the SP.

We can offer

  • Mining fleets w/Orca boosts & support
  • Regular moon mining
  • Corp buy back for ALL your raw materials
  • PvP - We might be an industry corp, but we will and do defend ourselves.
  • 0% Tax on corp services such as reprocessing, research, and manufacturing.
  • Support for new players (skills, mods, ships, advice, etc)
  • A huge collection of BPO’s to manufacture from

We’re mostly EU & US / Canada TZ. Anyone can join, but we expect players active in -9 to +3 UTC zones to see the most activity initially.

Nothing is mandatory - your time is yours, you will never be told what to do and when.
In fact, all we ask of members is;

  • Mature attitude
  • Register on our Discord server

and that’s it. Promise. For more info either reply here, or get in touch in the following ways:

Corp Recruiters: Jeb Ozuwara | Alexandria Rinah | Heinrich 9000 | Kajj Mazzare | C7hu1hu | GorbogOgeko | Keto | Type Blue
In Game Chat: Hive Industries Inc
Discord: HIVE Industries Inc

Diplomatic enquiries should be directed to Gorbog Ogeko and Rathony Charlithiam, both in game and via our Discord.


Online now if you want to get in touch and / or ask questions.

Well so far so good, have got some great people on board already and corp is growing well.

Get in touch if interested.

Still recruiting and growing nicely.

We’re getting a lot of apps just sent in, without any contact beforehand. We never accept apps without chatting first, so by all means send an app in but when you do, tell us how best, and when, to get in touch.

Hi I’m interested in finding out more about your Corp. I’m currently in a Corp that’s not very active and I’m looking to bring at least a couple of my Corp mates that are active along with me. Msg me in game if you are like still looking for new members

Hey o/

I’ll look you up in game in a bit mate, if you get this before we speak, pop into our public channel on ‘HIVE Industries Inc’ - usually people in there happy to help.

Still recruiting. Online now if you want to get in touch.

Do you have plans to move in to WH anytime, are you getting a citadel , I am a returning player looking to do some mining and moon mining , can fly most ships and are very good team player.

Also do dome lv4 missions and exploring, but have always been fascinated of WH

We have no plans to move into WH space at this time.
We DO have a citadel up and running, and we are planned and ready for Moon mining next week when it is released.
We have access to level 4 missions in our area, and some crews have been doing some exploring and ratting together as well.

Places still available

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You guys are keeping us hopping! All this interest is awesome!
Keep on coming in to check us out everyone.
We’ve met and joined up some great pilots.

Hey, i’m interested in a mining corp. Played some time ago but my corp was not very good, now im willing to give the game a try again. the only problem would be my tz, brazil time. is that a problem for u guys?

Hey Galamarth

No, not a problem at all. We have players in the same timezones so will be plenty of people around. If you’re in game, pop into our public channel ‘HIVE Industries Inc’ or join our discord at this address.

I won’t be in game till later this evening (UTC) but you’re welcome to chat on Discord.

We’re still adding pilots every day.
If you’re looking for a mining / industry corp, look no further!

Dropped you a message in your disc lobby.

Recruitment is open again.

We are still recruiting.
There have been several new pilots join us lately. Some are new pilots and some are old pilots returning to the game after a break.
Moon mining is now active.

There’s usually someone in our public channel and on Discord so stop by and say hi :slight_smile:

Recruiting again :slight_smile:

Online now if anyone has questions.