[HV.C] HIVE Industries Inc. Needs help shooting rocks in High Sec!

Well, these pesky things keep coming back. Like clockwork. We try and try again to kill them all, but every few hours more of these asteroids keep spawning. Ice, too. We need more people!

HIVE has been alive and well as a busy, bustling mining & industry corp since January 2018. Our members range widely from the newest of newbros to the bitterest of vets. We have boosts running very frequently to help burn those rocks down fast, and we’re close to trade hubs so your Industry, Reactions, Inventions, and PI efforts will be easy to support.

With lowsec just a few jumps away and nullsec a few jumps further, there’s plenty of action to be had for those who like to mix up their play with some juicy kills or lucrative exploration!

There are also several high-level mission hubs nearby, and incursions frequent the area if you’re so-inclined.

HIVE’s laid-back atmosphere and no-commitment-required/RL-first attitude makes this the perfect home for everyone!

Things We Offer

  • High Sec Mining with boosts
  • Dank twice-weekly moon mining ops for that sweet, sweet ISK
  • Generous buy-back programs for all your ore and other such things
  • Free ore refining
  • In-house production facilities featuring a substantial BPO collection
  • PvP roams
  • PvE fleets
  • Exploration fleets

Requirements for joining

None. You play EVE, you’re welcome here. Just be (mostly) mature and respectful and we want you!

How to Join

For diplomatic requests, please contact Gorbog Ogeko.

Currently operating in US & EU time zones.

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