High Sec. Corp Looking for Miners

If you are a High Sec Miner and looking for a place to call home, where your time is valued, where your profession is respected, and the pay is above average then apply today.

*Minimum requirements:

  • Must be Procurer qualified or higher

  • Willing to register/use TeamSpeak

  • Willing to register/use Discord

  • Have a passing ability to read/write/speak English

If you have questions please direct communications towards our recruiter or join us on Citizens Star Republic Public

New recruiter looking for new members

Looking for new members come join us

Still looking for new members

Still looking for new members

Have you considered null? I know your looking for high sec guys although if you are willing to take the risk. I can show you how to make about 40m+ a minute just mining. Give us a thought. If you and your people are interested, we can and will help train miners.


Still looking for new members

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Getting back into EVE, Was always a member of a Corp in nullsec but it seemed like mining and rating was always impossible due to attacks,

I Finally achieved and fitted an awesome new mining ship that was destroyed before i even got to test it out lol, I was on my way today *first day back, with my Procurer heading into High Sec and BOOM got taken out

So looking to get into a nice Mining Corp, Hopefully i can relearn this game and join a good corp!

PM me in game and we will chat

We are not a Null sec Corp or will we be going to Null sec

Still Looking for new members

What time do you operate in? I am on usually during the day in US EST. Does this work?

We are looking for all TZ

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