ETBL Industries - New Corp, Pilots Needed

Welcome to ETBL Industries. We are a PvE Corp that strives to help revive markets and help fellow Null Sec Corps/Alliances through contract requests.
We live near Dodixie.

What we are looking for:

  • New Capsuleers Welcome
  • Experienced/Returning Capsuleers Welcome
  • Active Capsuleers
  • All Time Zones Welcome!
  • People who come for a good time!

What we offer:

  • Projects daily (Get paid ISK just by helping!)
  • Mining Events (WH and High Sec)
  • Fun time
  • (If new) Knowledge to New Eden.
  • Low Sec Activites, including Mining
  • Industrial Blueprints (Limited)
  • Active Voice Channel in Discord
  • PVP Events in Null and WH

Discord is ETBL Industries