Mine Stuff, Build Stuff, Blow other stuff up! (Evian Industries in Null & HighSec)


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Do you thirst for Industry? Are you parched for Mining opportunities, and the chance to create liquid ISK?

Evian Industries are looking for capsuleers of all experience levels. We are an Industrial Corporation operating mainly in Nullsec, but with a presence in Hisec too. Our goal is to build for the future. Our members range from longtime players to fresh newbeans. We have a mature and friendly community, active in all timezones and we understand that RL comes first.

We can offer Discord, SRP on alliance ops, PVE and small PVP fleets, a BPC & BuyBack program, and a friendly mature community with a relaxed atmosphere. We don’t require much, if you can fly a mining ship, (Venture is fine for HS, a Barge & Interceptor is preferred for NS), we want to hear from you!

We want people who want to work alone and together, to forge something bigger. If you want to be part of this, contact us in-game using the Evian Ind Recruitment channel, or via our Discord!

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I see from zkillboard that you guys are based out of S25C-K in Catch. I wonder if you’d be interested in moving out of the NRDS bubble to somewhere like Etherium Reach? If you are interested, please reply to mail me in game (I would have mailed you in game myself but EVE is currently down).


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hey im after a corp in null that does a bit of everything,must be active eu times.

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Hey Kaatete Kaa If you’re still looking we are certainly active in EUTZ.

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