Eternally Damned Souls - FELON - EU/US

Adventure, Isk, Challenge
Bear Grylls in Space…

Are you looking for new adventure or training?

We are a small WH corp living in Wormhole space.

we are looking for new members to be part of our WH team.
Active times 15:00 -24:00 Eve Time Daily

New players and veterans are welcome, but you will need an adventurers spirit.
Omega and > 10 million skill points only
We are a mature group of players, who all see eve as a Game, and RL always comes first.
We are a PVE and PVP minded corp.

What we have to Offer>
-Regular PvP including small gang
-Ratting in WH (Solo and in Fleets)
-PI, Panet isk for the taking
-0% tax rate
-Buy back program for (Gas, Ore, Salavage, PI)
-Abyss groups
-Hauling service
-Active discord (Must have working mic)
-We will help new players with getting settled in WH life.

Speak to a recruitment officer EDS Public for any questions.

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