[EU] New player looking for a corp

Hi all,

New player seeking a corporation.

I just started playing EVE Online the 8th of January. And what an experience that have been so far. I have enjoyed every hour I have played.

I have seen a great deal of YouTube videos to learn the game mechanics and also I have joined Eve University corp. to really get into those classes and learn what I can.

Currently I have my homebase in NS. My main activity so far has been exploration. I have trained into the Helios and am currently exploring NS where hacking of Relic and Data sites is my main form of income.

My future plan, is to learn PI for a somewhat more passive income, and then skill into PvP and learn that part of the game as well.

Mining is at the moment not something I have done other than as a side activity to watching a Netflix movie, so my main interest isn’t really focused there.

My long-term goal, is to move to a WH and establish myself there with a PI setup, exploration and PvE/PvP with friends.

My character is due to my starting point, a young character with just under 4M SP. I’m willing to work with that, if it’s needed, and I’m also willing to skill into a special plan if needed in order to PvP with my new corp.

What I’m not willing to, is to get another job in form of EVE activities that I have to attend to. I have enough in one job, and as a somewhat older player with family obligations, my free-time is to be spend enjoying playing, and not as a demand in order to fit in.

I have played various MMORPGS ever since I beta tested Ultima Online back in the day, so I know how demanding some guilds/corps. can be.

In my professional life, I hold a technical manager position. That is also what got me curious about EVE. The technical game functionality, how different stuff work, and how to use it and in some cases dodge them, is what really get me drawn into the game.

I’m also looking for a corp. which have a setup around hauling, buy-back and other similar services to offer their members. I’m an Omega player, but I’m expecting, that my new corp. can help me build a solid financial base, so I can take part in the corp. activities and not cover every ship loss in corp. activity myself.

My main playtime is 18.00 to 22.00 EVE time. I’m EU based.

If above is what your corp. is looking for, then please feel free to reach out for a chat.


Hello Decarpo,
How are you? So you found Eve?, Your life is over now . . just like all of us… this game is awesome isn’t it?
Ok so we are a NS corp that makes fuel blocks so we mine ice and we do P.I.
If you want to get into P.I. we have the people who will teach you about it. We also have a WH were you can learn all the ins and outs of WH life, and as far as PvP goes, we have all the PvP you could possibly want, and you will learn it.
Here is our Corporation ad… We hope you come join us:

If you’re still looking give me a DM in game I’m based in South Africa and If you are wanting to learn then We can assist each other…

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