[HS/WH/NS] The Death Space Academy Recruiting All Timezone Player's

We are a Highsec Corporation Part of Who Dares Wins Logistics Division Highsec Alliance ,We Are looking For All Pilots! We’re a Mature Group That Values Fun and Community and Real Life Always Comes First!

We Are Focused on Mining, PVE, industry, and Exploration Our Main TimeZone is US and EU.
We Are a Relaxed Corporation Environment Everyone is Welcome

All players are welcome, Alpha, Omega, New, Old, Returning, the Person is More important than the SP.

:heart: A Great Social Corp

:heart: Killboard? We not Know Him

:heart: New Player Friendly

:heart: Corporation Tax 0%

:heart: No war eligable

:heart: Moons Mining in HighSec & Nullsec

:heart: Access to Nullsec For Ratting and Mining and industry

:heart: Access to Wormhole For PvE and Mining and Exploring

:heart: Ice Mining

:heart: Ore Mining

:heart: Combat Sites

:heart: Level 4 Missions Running

:heart: Plantary Interaction 0% Tax

:heart: Access to Rigged Structures for Reactions, Industry , Research, Invention

:heart: Discord For Communication

:heart: Friendly and Mature Environment

:heart: Real Life First

What we Require:

:white_check_mark: No drama, and a Good Level of Maturity

:white_check_mark: Positive, Constructive and Friendly Attitude

If You Want To Join Us :

Feel Free to Ask Any Questions Contact Directly courteous-Marquette Or in Discord : assassin#6602

We Still Recruiting

We Still Recruiting

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