[EU] [PVP] [PIRACY] [LOWSEC BRAWLING] The Congregation

Hardcore brawling lowsec corporation seeking dedicated hardcore brawling players.


About us:

The Congregation is a corporation persuing heavy close range combat in the Minmatar and Amarr warzone. We use HACs, BCs and Battleships in conjunction with capitals.

We fight outnumbered and outgunned and rely on both excellent FCing and individual competency to slaughter anything we can grab.

We have a long history as a group and individually of this type of combat and we want to grow.

About you:

  • Can fly all subcapitals to a high level and a good range of capitals on your main
  • Have at least one alt that is capital-capable
  • Can multibox at least two accounts in combat
  • Can fund your own ships
  • Are willing to purchase multiple doctrine ships to make yourself useful in every type of fleet that we run
  • Have a microphone and are able to speak

If this is what you’re looking for, please contact Phantomite, Baltrom or Jay Makin.

ADDITIONAL: We are also seeking entire corporations to join our alliance.


This is an officially sanctioned BUMP - we’re very serious about our direction in Eve, and we need you to help



I can’t beleive you’ve done this

We want some regular people looking for a place to stay. That probably means you. Please get in contact.






It’s time to join us. The growth stage is always one of the highest points of any alliance.