The Congregation - 0-CAL - Low Sec PVP

Hello, this is a recruitment post for The Congregation, founders of the 0-CAL alliance. We PVP.

Here’s a killboard: Click me at the time of posting, we’re ranked 9 on zkill for the last 90 days with ~30 active dudes. We don’t killboard pad, we find content and shoot stuff.

What we do:

  • Small gang roams
  • Subcap fleets
  • Cap fleets

We stage in Low Sec, roaming our area of influence or WH diving into Null. We focus on good intel, quick reships and fleet form ups. We’ll fight outnumbered, and are not afraid to ship down to make fights interesting. We have talented FCs at both fleet and skirmish gang levels, and some great solo pilots you can learn from.

We don’t have blues.

We’ll rather fight the blob than join it.

We do not krab, grind sov or structures, form up for hours only to stand down without undocking. We form; we fight - simple as that.

Everyone is free to do whatever they want, however when we form a fleet, every single one of us is there and in the correct ship. Reaction speed is everything, that means preparation is key, you need to have this mindset.

What you need:

  • The right attitude
  • Self-sufficient isk and logistics
  • The ability to dual box a subcap main and cap alt
  • Willingness to go -10 on your main
  • Your ESI is required to connect to services, you’ll need to be on Discord and TS3
  • Enough liquid isk to get all of our fleet comps ready

If you’re interested joining and know someone in corp willing to vouch for you (friends and ex-members do not count) have them contact me. If you don’t, thats fine just hit me up directly for a chat.

If you’re interested in joining, but don’t meet all the requirements, it’s still worth a chat.




i can reccomend this Product and / or service.

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Last night we:

Had a bit of a three way with minmil and provi block BR here

Some wormholers tried to roll my scout into their WH, got policed

Baltrom has an epic 22min solo fight against local in a Nergal

And I end the evening providing live analysis of peoples battle stations, delving deep into their souls and revealing their darkest secrets. Apparently it was popular?! Starts around 01:32:00

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These guys are gud, fun times, much WoW, much drinky drinky pew pew. Plus they have a Phantomite!

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Last night we:

I logged in and our guys were small ganging via a WH in Immensea, Rezeda Regnum were trying to fight back via the age old tactic of throwing numbers at PVPers…

I work my way through our short chain and catch up, get on a RR Iki with noone to rep totally whored on it! I pull back as our entry system has a jumpgate in it, want to make sure we’re not going to get cut off when the boys shout an Orthrus is coming my way. I’m not expecting to hold him, beining in an Osprey Navy but he jumps in and I grab point, he tries to burn off gate…but I’m faster and get my scram on…wait a moment…this shouldn’t be happening, I can solo this guy…oh. “At least it was cap stable” becomes the chant of the night.

We grab a couple of more kills, a few guys head back home and all of a sudden we’re faced with a 30 man response fleet on the gate to our WH system…our slowest ship is a 'Cane Fleet Issue who bounced as the fleet came in, I’m making safespots as he shouts he’s tackled in a belt by a cepter…the entire fleet chases and we’re expecting to lose our main damage ship…nothing I can do, so I sneak into our WH system…but amazingly, our Arty HFI solos the claw in front of all of his mates and GTFO…he’s safe for the moment but trapped and they’re both sitting on the gate he needs to take and landing on our WH…they’re going to roll him out. After what seems like an age, ~20 ships are sitting on the hole and they all jump in with three rolling BS. It’s just me in an ONI and a Kiki left in there, we wait for the first pass as the hole goes to reduced and warp at range to take out some of the small stuff…and to our surprise, not only does every ship jump back to Null…they seem to retreat the entire fleet back to their jumpgate and leave…what? With a few slight complications, our HFI is totally free to escape back to the saftey of Amamake…we just don’t get it.

I find a hole to Wicked Creek, take a small gang in for a quick roam. It’s dead, we come back to Low-sec…and the R-R guys still haven’t rolled the hole. Back to Immensea then!

Don’t need to travel far to start getting kills, some tackle to start, in fact the only fast tackle the
assembling fleet. They’re sitting on the D-BAMJ to DW-N2S gate, refusing to leave or commit to a fight, about 15 of them, about 4 of us. They’ve also got both shield and armour logi (best to keep everything covered!) and we have none, but we do have a couple of cepters and a sabre on mostly alts who we let dive into them to keep interest up, boys are logging into comms and hearing our call for a bit of support. We giude them through the chain and we’re up to ~7 dps…time to fight. We keep them pinned to the gate, if any of them ram us or agress, we get them. Anyone else jumps to the other side where we have more tackle coming in to keep them honest. Best kills are A Drek and Another Iki. Then, despite having numbers and reships, their only play seems to be bringing in a Haw Nag, he hits seige, we clear the grid of everything else and rush back to Ama to reship. Can’t bring our heavy hitters through the already reduced hole that could get rolled at any time so we go for Kikis, tackle the Nag and wait. We get a caracal and cormorant response and we just burn through them with ease. Keep the Nag tackled for a while longer but they’re done. We’re not going to break it anytime soon with the numbers we have so get bored and head home.

End the night with 18 kills, 0 losses. We all agree the BM ACL change is awesome for us.

Tonight we:

Had a fleet fight, BR Here

I’m dual boxing a Huginn and dragging links along. There’s ~90 bad guys trying to blob on a faction fort kill, we bring 40. I’m there to screen for the fleet so never going to get on all the kills as I’m doing my own thing. Win the fight, write cocky reddit post.

Get on 9 kills, worth about 5.5 bil, no losses - good fight!

Last night we:

Log in and start off with a bit of policing in Amamake, it’s pretty busy and I snag a few kills with some of the boys.

Then, I don’t know why, I get dragged on TS3 and I’m part of the first “Wednesday Night Live From Amamake” show on Baltroms Twitch stream. No idea if I was any good lol.

Back to pew pew, we jump into a WH and head to Horde space to fight the swarm after we poke it a bit. They don’t disappoint and throw every ship in the game at us, I’m in a Rapier and managing things fine. Someone gives a shout that we’re going to make a turn, as they’re going to get a warp in behind us which would be bad, we go for it, but it tips the balance and enough frigs get through my screen to get on top of our hero logi and others are baring down on me…then I get jammed by a griffin…GG, I’m done for. Do a bit of admin stuff, check some timers, the boys get back home and we head out to kill a carrier.

End the night (I think) 22kills for 1 loss, looks like zkill is lagging behind tho.

Last night we:

Right clicked on one of those filament thingy’s, went straight to the middle of Delve! Tacked a Rorqual, waited for response fleet, picked off the first responders and when 90 Harpys turned up bailed, got out with another filament and roamed for a bit.

9 kills, 0 losses

Last night we:

Had a good fight! BR Here

Decided to form an actual comp and jump through a null filament. First couple of rolls were into the arse end of nowhere, then we get one to Feythabolis. Scouts find a Nag sitting on a structure but he warps down to the gate it’s sitting on and jumps through. We tackle, start killing it but we’re waiting for the inevitable rescue to come so we can assess it. Get Muninns + logi in the next system, I count about 25 and relay that back to the guys.

Levi and I have our dictors in with the Muninns and we manage to delay them long enough to finish the Nag. So they get the pleasure of jumping right into us balled up on the gate. Start fighting but we’re not breaking their reps, I spot a falcon on d-scan, we’re kinda expecting a whole bunch of ■■■■ through but it’s a Mino and a Phoenix. Not as bad as it could have been, but not great given the repping power they now have.

We switch from shooting DPS to Logi, manage to clear 5 and a random Vexor before we lose one of our own. Our logi need to move to survive so we switch again to clear tackle and ECM. In the meantime they bring in a Rev and a Thanny but the Muninns have over extended and are into deep falloff range of their FAX, so finally we’re able to start clearing them. We get 4 of them plus another Scimi before they’re back in range but that looks like enough for them. I sacrifice my sabre to throw a bubble up on that FAX, the Muninns start to leave the grid and we’re out of tackle alts. We’re burning our Dreks to tackle but a Bifrost de-cloaks, booshes the bubble and the Mino jumps out; I’m 36km off it…lucky boy.

Forgot in the heat of the fight, but the whole thing was live on Twitch, most viewed Eve stream at that moment lol

Muninns are great if used to their strengths, and that’s mobility and the alpha strike they can apply. No webs to aid that and stuck in triage range, trying to brawl down our ships that have amazing tracking, webs and neuts meant that even though we were outnumbered we could grind through them. Null blocs often gravitate to flying what they see their peers in without understanding what they’re for, relying on numbers to make up the difference and if that’s failing, open cyno. Small groups of experienced players can still punch above their weight against these guys. Our tackle alts are disposable, we only lost one ship of our core comp vs 22 dead mains on their end.

End the night with 24 kills, 0 losses.

Last night we:

Had a small fleet fight in LS: BR Here

A couple of the guys were spreading the Christmas cheer, roaming in two high angle Revs. First visit was Arzad as there had been reports of some very very naughty boys and girls in the area. Unfortunately they didn’t want to come and collect their gifts, so after a quick break the Revs slowly make their way to Auga to stir up some festive action. After a short time, sitting on the Kuorm gate, using specially modified Mega Pulse Laser II technology to deliver wholesome goodness to passers-by, some angry evil Elves in Tengus appeared. Were they here to ruin Christmas for the people of Auga? It looked that way.

Vindicators should resolve the situation, but for me this normally means I’m jumping into an Apostle, so I dock up my main to focus on it. We get our first Fax through and onto the gate before the in-cyno gets popped, but the sneaky Evil Elves have no intention of fighting fair and scurry off to taunt at long range. But the good peoples of Amamake know their tricky ways and as our powerful Vindis leave the rep range of our first fax, I come in to make sure we can all make it through to Christmas Eve, tucked up in our cozy beds, stockings hanging waiting to be filled by a morbidly obese elderly man who the animal rights people probably want to have a quiet word with.

We managed to cross some of the Evil Elves right off of Santas list, horrible little shits. At the same time one of our new recruits from this very thread made it to the top of the good boys list.

We saved Christmas for now, but with six more sleeps to go the people of Amamake will stand guard over all of New Eden, routing out all of the disgusting Elves, Grinches, Scrooges and especially the Grubers we can find.

Ho ■■■■■■■ Ho


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Brought to you by:
Same Great Taste - 0-CAL

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Before I joined 0-cal I couldn’t get past level three on goldeneye for the n64. Now I’m speedrunning deadmines with cookie skip while multiboxing 5 accounts shitting on every other so called pvper in the warzone. Just know that I’m eating a pasta and watching antiques roadshow while I feather every incoming fleet and smash their fc with one perfectly timed volley from my very powerful cruisers, reducing my transversal velocity to 0 before I manually click each shot. If you want to be blue to me (a very powerful pvp player and incredibly handsome) I suggest you app in immediately, before your assets are turned to dust and scattered across the plains of Matar.


MD is indeed a very powerful PVPer who makes each ship he pilots extremely powerful and deadly to entire fleets.

We found him living in a skip, surviving only on raw dried pasta and deep fried pizza. We taught him how to hook up the only relic of his childhood, a battered Commodore Amiga 1200, to the patchy WiFi emitting from the Papa Johns in who’s waste container he continues to dwell.

He doesn’t have a mouse yet, there was a miscommunication on what that is exactly, but he manages to make lesser pilots look like fools through sheer charisma and limited keybindings. Before he joined us, he hid in the shadows. Now he confidently struts through the streets of his home town, recognised by all as a total powerhouse, he has no equal.


■■■■ jannies

Murray was one of Edinburgh’s premier ram raiders, prowling Princes Street in a battered Vaxhaull Nova in the wee hours. A mere glint of light reflecting from a jewellery store would trigger an uncontrollable frenzy, he’d stamp on the accelerator and pile straight through the storefront with such force he’d push all the way through the rear wall to make his getaway, the Nova draped in his loot as he sped back to his secret squat.

It’s a little know fact, but The Congregation actually runs a prisoner rehabilitation program. That’s where I found him, and through a translator I was able to see he had a transferrable skill set that just needed some honing.

We started him off small; a comet. But he took that thing and rammed it into anything; frigs, cruisers, titans, gates, stations. It didn’t matter, the man was born to ram.

Today he wields the most powerful approach in the game, CCP have even specially modified his UI to remove useless buttons such as “orbit” or “keep at range”, they are simply redundant to this absolute unit. So are reps, he’s so quick to ram at the sight of an enemy, he’s often out of logi range, already faceplanting into their FC, muttering something unintelligible over comms. We listen in silence and when the traditional satisfied grunt comes, we know we’re clear to proceed with the battle.


0-CAL has a couple of special interest corps in their ranks and Trinity belongs to one of these: project HAVEN (PROHN). Special interest: Being Polish.

They take this very seriously, so seriously in fact they follow the irl career path mapped out for them since the day they were born; moving to London and becoming plumbers. These boys play as they work, a tightknit team who will absolutely smash anyone that gets in their way. Consuming massive quantities of their homelands number one export, cabbage, to induce a collective higher state of being, these boys make other small gangs look like fools.

Trinity himself is the result of 0-CALs R&D wing, experimenting in the field of cognitive function transfer.

We extracted each members tackle skills and looked for a suitable vessel that could contain our collective knowledge and experience, after several failures our scientists discovered that high levels of potassium retained within the recipients body would increase the chances of a successful transplant. Trinity’s cabbage addiction was rampant at this time, causing an imbalance across London’s plumbing community. He was doing things no one had experienced before; picking up on calls, providing reasonably priced quotes, actually completing jobs AND to a high standard. He was brought into our HQ and quickly tested, a lifetime of cabbage abuse had pushed his potassium levels off the chart, I knew we had our guy.

The experiment was a success, Trinity recovered from the general anaesthetic unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. He took a second to adjust to his new heightened sense of reality, realising spacetime itself was now something he could bend to his will. His expression settled into the steely look of purpose he continues to exude today, he looked into my eyes and spoke. Those words and the sheer manliness exuding from that voice still make the hairs on the back on my neck stand up just thinking about it “Get me a Malediction” he roared.

Today he is the most powerful interceptor pilot in the game, achieving a lifetime rank #1 in the Male with ease the first time he undocked. He bears the burden of being our soul tackle pilot and an unexpected side effect of the experiment was the unplanned transfer of navigational skills, we simply cannot comprehend maps so have to develop a system. If Trinity links it, we go there.

Despite such responsibility, he hasn’t lost his sense of humour. Sometimes he’ll mess with us and say “I’m going to bring DPS today, can someone else tackle please?” we all laugh, what a guy.


Tentatively bumping…

Sly is the Ancient Mariner from classical tales of the high seas, shrouded in mystery, he existed long before New Eden and will continue on long after it’s death. He’s the embodiment of piracy, the patron saint of the buccaneer.

People think low sec was the result of game design, that’s simply not true, it just manifested around Sly and his desired lanes of travel. While trying to investigate and remove this anomaly in the code, a younger and chubbier Hilmar encountered Sly as a vision late one night.

It started as an impenetrable fog in the corner of his bedroom, just over his single bed, emitting from the Cool As Ice movie poster which took pride of place on the wall at it’s head. The fog slowly spilled to fill the rest of the room, it’s thickness dampening a faint sound of braking waves. As the fog started to dissipate, the crashing waves grew in volume and the white peaks atop of huge rolling swell started to materialise. A fierce and roaring storm was apparent, so ferocious it was unlike anything he had seen before. But there, on an incredibly dark horizon, lit momentarily by flashes of lightening, he could make out a shape moving towards him.

Hilmar was filled with a dread that even today claws at his soul in every waking moment. For in front of him, moving with the wind, was a Thrasher class destroyer. Brimming with artillery cannons, it seemed to dance amongst the elements as if they were one and the same. And then he saw Sly. In a stance of pure power, riding atop of his dessy. Eyes as dark as coal, a grizzled beard draped over a shoulder, naked, absolutely ripped physique. In one hand, a golden trident thrust aloft in the other a half-eaten Cornish pasty. Fully erect as if the sea itself was his mistress, his eternal lover. Their eyes met, a deep bellow effortlessly projected from between Sly’s lips, Hilmar could feel the very foundations of the house shake ….”this Low Sec, this hallowed place will be for my people”. Hilmar, terrified, nodded. Sly nodded back in acknowledgement, an agreement had been forged and Low Sec saved. As the Thrasher slowly submerged into the depths, Slys unblinking gaze fixed upon the fledgling developer until he vanished beneath the waves. For now he could rest.

We didn’t find Sly, he found us, he bestows upon us the most powerful plays in the game and calls to it’s most powerful players to join with us to fight for all that’s good in New Eden. For Sly is Low Sec, and Low Sec is Sly.


Gentle bump