(EU/UK) Amarr FW Lowsec - Executioners Dynasty - Recruiting now!

Greetings pilots, we are currently searching for new, old and returning players to join our Corp.

Who are we? XD is a lowsec amarr faction warfare Corp, who is also a member of ‘Local is Primary’ Alliance. We focus in small gang and solo style gameplay although through merging with Local is primary we have begun to embark on larger scale battles which has opened up alot more content for our guys. Our primary Timezone is EU/UK but as the alliance has stronge US Tz backing also we can provide content for members outside our main TZ although alot of us play mad hours so the chance is if your not EU based you’ll still be able to get stuck in.

We pride ourselves in being a no drama RL first Corp with most us having families we understand if you don’t get much play time one week and can play all week the next week, after all it’s a game.

We have over 15years combined experience in eve covering all aspects. Pvp, pve, wormholes and industry and manufacturing. So if your new we are probably your best bet at getting stuck into all of the above topics.

If you are interested in joing XD please joing - XD- Public in game from there you can reach our killboard and public discord server

Fly safe o7


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