Bored? Terrible at Eve? Us too. -- Recruiting players in UK/EU TZ

We are a long established corp that is recruiting after a period of dormancy. Both new players and bitter vets welcome.

Primarily based in Amarr high sec, however we frequently roam into Low / Null sec for violence.

Members are free to do as they please, although we would like all members have an interest in small gang PvP and a willingness to get stuck in on corp roams.

What we can offer:

  • terrible players
  • terrible teaching
  • more losses on your killboard

But we do have a low tax rate. :slight_smile:

Current members are mostly UK/EU time zone. Happy to recruit players from outside that but we dont have much activity at the moment in other TZs.

There are no mandatory fits or ops, but we do enjoy PvP as a group and every player new or old will have the opportunity to be involved.

Any applicant must have working mic and not take themselves at all seriously.

Mail Redeem Incarce or Andy Cupra in game, or join our public channel ‘Rekall Public’ if you are interested in joining.

still looking for fresh meat

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