EU/US/AU HiSec Corp Council of Exiles

Council of Exiles is Recruiting

Who are we?
CoE is tight knit group of nullsec veterans with a very different leadership style
Instead of a CEO, we have a council.
The council votes on all decisions - which only pass with a majority vote
Our members come first, and we consider them in all decisions

What do we have to offer?
Established infrastructure, including corp moon(s) and T2 refining
Low taxes (5%)
Several local public moons
Local Ice Belt(s)
Mining fleets - with boosts!
Mission running fleets
Training and advice on all aspects of Eve, including how to make isk
Family environment
Roaming fleets
Want to visit the Eve Gate? No problem!
Want to visit Pochvan? No problem!
Active discord server with voice comms
We are active during EU & US time zones, and even have a couple in AUTZ
**We are currently based in Empire Space (Hisec)

For more information, message Blade Reiper or Bela Icarus in-game and/or join our recruitment channel Council of Exiles.

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