🇬🇧 [EU/US] JOIN THE FORCE! Become an Officer of the law - PVP & PVE - InCorp progression - 0% Tax - Training - Teamwork - NO OBLIGATIONS - NewBro Friendly - Alphas & Omegas - Experience EVE to the fullest!

yes sir, our captain just sent you a link ingame :sunglasses:

oh yes I did…

Can I get a discord invite too please?

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It has been done :sunglasses: Join us there anytime :slightly_smiling_face:

bump for the team

bump :sunglasses: :v:

:+1: Up the ramp

Please see my mail @Fire_Venom

it has been replied m8, thanks :sunglasses:

bump :sunglasses:

bumpbump :innocent:

Bump to top boyz :sunglasses:

Indeed a great corp to be in

Join us and have fun playing eve . Many activities to take part in and we are also happy to help new players and as a bonus we kill gankers when the opportunity arises :yum:

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:relaxed: :+1:

bump the force :sunglasses:

Back to the top :heart_eyes:

I’ve seen you guys in action, pretty cool when you all entered the system in your police uniforms and police skin ships, hilarious local comments and never salty but fun and actually friendly. Respect, you accept alts?

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Yes, we accept alts! I, Mandalf, was created solely for the purpose of exploring anti-ganking Even throwing a char in here and occasionally providing intel or presence, helps.

If you have ever been ganked and want to explore counterplay options, this is THE place to be. Make an alt, throw them in here, and get your eyes opened to some ways you can stand up against criminals and make yourself better at Eve.

Its far more effective and respectable than whining or asking for changes to mechanics.

I flew my first fleet w/ them recently, and I was SHOCKED at how well some of the tactics work to disrupt ganker activities.

shocked, i tell you.

We have training to help each step of the way.
Come join us.


Totally correct :sunglasses: :+1:

have sent u discord invite, ttys bro :sunglasses: