🇬🇧 [EU] NEW EDEN POLICE FORCE - Caldari FW & Suppression - LOW Sec. PVP - Daily content - NO OBLIGATIONS!


    What we offer:
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  • Daily content as part of the largest CalMil Alliance
  • Experienced FCs both EU & US Timezones
  • Welcoming environment for both Newbros & Vets
  • Friendly and mature members always ready to help
  • No mandatory or obligatory ops/CTAs
  • Free ships if needed for newbros
  • Propper training if needed to learn PVP
  • Immersive ingame experience & environment
  • Both PVP & FW PVE (all optional) operations
  • RL always first
    What we do as a corp:
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  • PVP & Factional/Suppression Warfare Focused
  • FW related PVE for suppression & advantage.
  • PVP Gatecamp bashes
  • Null space hunting trips.
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  • Willingness to fight against FW war targets, corruption & pirates
  • Willingness to enjoy EVE for what it is -A GAME-
  • Minimum 1 mill SP. NO Omega requirements.
  • Discord coms & a working mic.


This is how we do it:

Check out the website:

NEPF - the adventure:

Please send your application through our EVE-HR Platform here: https://eve-hr.com/-nepf

If any issues plz apply in-game to: New Eden Police Force
Ticker: -NEPF

We’ll contact you ingame ASAP :man_police_officer: :saluting_face:

Recruitment is open!! :policeman: :saluting_face:

Ready to Roll!! :saluting_face:

Blast our enemies! Join the fight for justice today! For the State!

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Ready to roll! :sunglasses: :saluting_face:

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