🇬🇧 [EU] LOOKING FOR DAILY ACTION? JOIN THE WAR!- Become a part of the FW CalMil NR-1 Alliance with the New Eden Police Force - LOW Sec. PVP - Daily content - MAX FUN, NO OBLIGATIONS!


    What we offer:
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  • Daily content as part of the largest CalMil Alliance
  • Experienced FCs both EU & US Timezones
  • Welcoming environment for both Newbros & Vets
  • Friendly and mature members always ready to help
  • No mandatory or obligatory ops/CTAs
  • Free ships if needed for newbros
  • Propper training if needed to learn PVP
  • Immersive ingame experience & environment
  • Both PVP & FW PVE (all optional) operations
  • RL always first
    What we do as a corp:
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  • PVP & Factional/Suppression Warfare Focused
  • FW related PVE for suppression & advantage.
  • PVP Gatecamp bashes & more.
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  • Willingness to fight against FW war targets, corruption & pirates
  • Willingness to enjoy EVE for what it is -A GAME-
  • Minimum 1 mill SP. NO Omega requirements.
  • Discord coms & a working mic.


FW fights

Check out the website:

Please send your application through our EVE-HR Platform here: https://eve-hr.com/-nepf

If any issues plz apply in-game to: New Eden Police Force
Ticker: -NEPF

We’ll contact you ingame ASAP :man_police_officer: :saluting_face:

100% the war zone! fight for the state! Join today!

Where do you guys base from?

Cal Space my friend, not faar from Jita really, Caldari main trade hub :saluting_face:

I’ve sendt EVE-HR application.

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Be right with yah! :saluting_face:

We are Up & Runnin’ JOIN THE FORCE!! :sunglasses:

Good to have you with us bro!

The fight is real!! JOIN IN!! :sunglasses: :saluting_face:

We got Drakes to block out the sun! Join today, foght for the state o7

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Lets “Foght” for the state of brain damage that we all are in :rofl:

LOL… leeeets foooooooght!!!

I am a new player and inquired about membership. They accused me of being an enemy alt without taking to me or anything.

New players should apply with caution.

Salt is powerful… Oh and thx for the bump btw :sunglasses:

Im sure planty of corps will accept you with a 1 day character applying for FW… Finish your tutorials at least first… :saluting_face:

The fight is on!! :saluting_face:

They keeeeep commin’ Join the fight!

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Lets get those frogs!! :policeman: :saluting_face:

The Gallente South is crumbeling. One system at a time. Be a part of history. Join the NEPF! Fight for the State!

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Join the War and never be bored again :grin:

Come on newbros, we got free ships for yah and a whole line of training for yah to learn to kick serious ass :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: